Coco’s Chef’s Recipes

  • Fresh Local Calamari Shallow Fried in a Dukka Coating with Pickled Cucumber and Sambal Dipping Sauce

  • You will need:
    500g good quality local squid
    200g plain flour
    100g Dukka (recipe below)
    1 fresh lime cut into wedges
    Pickled cucumber to garnish (recipe below)
    Sambal dipping sauce (recipe below)

    Cut the squid into strip rings about 5mm wide.

    Add Dukka to flour and mix.

    Dust squid in Dukka flour and shallow fry until crisp and golden.

    To serve, present squid on plate with pickled cucumber on top, a wedge of lime and dipping sauce on the side.

    75g hazelnut kernels
    25g peanuts (roasted, unsalted)
    25g almonds
    15g coriander seeds
    40g pumpkin seeds
    15g ground cumin
    5g fennel seeds
    65g sesame seeds
    10g sea salt
    1 pinch cracked black pepper

    Blend all nuts lightly in food processor.
    In a pan toast all spices until fragrant. Blend until fine.
    Combine nuts and spices. Put aside.

    Pickled Cucumber
    4 red chillies (julienne)
    30g grated root ginger
    10g Szechwan pepper
    100mL peanut oil
    200mL rice vinegar
    150g palm sugar
    1 continental cucumber

    Lightly fry ginger, Szechwan pepper and chillies in peanut oil.
    Add rice wine and palm sugar and gently simmer until sugar is dissolved.
    Set aside to cool.
    De-seed cucumber and cut into julienne strips.
    Pour pickling liquid over cucumber and let sit for a few minutes.

    Sambal Dipping Sauce
    5g red chillies
    50g macadamia nuts
    20g toasted shredded coconut
    2 kaffir lime leaves
    30mL lime juice
    10mL fish sauce
    200mL good quality mayonnaise

    De-seed chillies and blend in food processor with all ingredients, except mayonnaise, until smooth.
    Fold in mayonnaise.

    Servings: 4

  • Cocos Prime Beef Fillet

  • You will need:
    1Kg beef fillet, cleaned and prepared by your butcher, cut into 4 250g portions
    800g chat royal blue potatoes
    100g salted butter (softened)
    50g capers
    50g gherkins (dill pickles)
    10g chopped Italian parsley
    2 tbsp your favourite mustard
    Olive oil
    Cracked black pepper
    Sea salt

    Whip softened butter until white and creamy. Finely chop capers, gherkins and parsley and fold into butter.

    Form into a log and chill.

    Simmer potatoes in salted water until only just cooked, a little under doesn’t hurt.

    Marinate fillet in mustard softened with a little olive oil and set aside.

    Heat pan with a little olive oil. Lightly squash potatoes and season, then roast until the edges are nice and crisp.

    Grill fillet to required degree of cooking. Medium rare is best.

    To serve, place potatoes with butter on top, then fillet and a lick of pan juice.

    Servings: 4